How Do You Know If Your Toilet Is Clogged?


When you own a beautiful home in Sydney, Australia, life can be pretty good as long as everything is in tip-top shape. Once minor problems start arising, things may start to go haywire. One of the most common problems is a clogged toilet.

Clogged toilets are quite common especially if you have kids. The severity of the problem is what will determine how uncomfortable your life will be. Sometimes the clogging happens without your knowledge and it may cause severe damages that might cost you your home. It is important to know how to tell when your toilet is clogged or about to get clogged so that you can call on us to come and rectify it immediately.

In order for us to come and save you before it is
too late. Look out for the following:

A Really Bad Smell

One of the easiest and most immediate ways to tell is through smell. Sewers don’t smell good at all. If there is any clogging in your toilet or drainage system in general, a very pungent smell will hit your home and it will be very unbearable. Call us immediately and we will come and rescue you and your family.

Slow Draining

Your home drainage system is composed of:

· Toilet

· Bathroom Sinks

· Kitchen Sinks

· Bathtub

· Showers

Therefore, if your sink is taking longer than usual to drain water then there is definitely a problem in the whole system. It is usually caused by high pressure in the pipes which causes the water not to be drained properly. The high pressure leads to blockage in the vents. Don’t let it get any worse.

Water Backing Up When You Flush

This is usually the most common symptom that your toilet is heavily clogged. Whenever you flush your toilet and the water backs up and overflows out of the toilet, it means that there is something major blocking your sewer drains. The problem worsens when the water starts flowing back up in the drainage system right into your bathtub and sinks.

Before all these happen, one of the earliest signs will be water sputtering as you flush your toilet. The sputtering will be caused by high pressure which causes the water to fight for a drainage space in the drains.

The moment you notice any of the above problems, pick up your phone immediately and call us through our office or mobile numbers found on our website. As long as you are in Sydney, our plumbers will be there in no time to help. Don’t let poor drainage ruin your biggest asset.

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