Sewer Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is the latest plumbing technology employed by experienced plumbers with the knowledge and expertise required for this process.

This technology helps in repairing damaged, faulty and broken sewer pipes without disturbing the surrounding environment. Generally it does not involve replacement of the pipes, excavation or any sort of digging in the process.

Pipe relining is a simple yet efficient method of treating damaged sewer pipes. It is also cost effective when compared to other methods of pipe replacement, which involve digging and can be very time consuming.

Why should you consider Pipe Relining when looking at repair options for your sewer or stormwater pipework?

When blockages occur the immediate cause is usually tree root ingress. Once we clear the root blockage, camera inspection will reveal problems like cracked, misaligned or separated pipework, holes in the line or even collapse and missing pipework.

Once identified the issue will need to rectified. What if the issue is beneath your pool, footings of the house or perhaps the main road out front? If the problem area is located in the lawn, excavation is often the best option and will most likely be more cost effective however in the case of any of the above situations excavation will be costly or may not be possible at all, this is where relining is an important consideration.

The method of pipe relining is fast, reliable and more durable than replacement.

How Does Pipe Relining Work?

Most of the time different service providers have their own specific techniques when it comes to the pipe relining process. Nevertheless, your plumber must always make sure to unblock the sewer or stormwater pipe before the relining process starts. Any blockages or debris remaining in the line will affect the liner and cause premature failure.

Once the blockages have been removed from the pipework a camera is inserted through the pipe to check pipe size, location and the specific damage or fault within the line.  This step is important in allowing us to investigate and diagnose the problem in its entirety, it is vital to be precise if the repair is to be a permanent solution.

So what is it?… Relining is the process of inflating a new epoxy pipe within the existing line. The epoxy liner inflates and cures filling all cracks and failed joins with resin to create a new seamless pipe. The new line also retains the rigid strength of the old pipework for added protection against tree roots and other issues.

What does Pipe Relining cost?

The actual cost per metre of pipe relining depends on the condition of the existing pipework, the location, the size etc. Quotes for pipe relining are generally free so you have nothing to lose by investigating your options.

Beware of inexperienced trades… We have access some of the most experienced Plumbers and technicians in Australia, this along with the premium materials we use will ensure a complete and permanent solution.

Put simply, relining can save on cost and time, while also avoiding the many inconveniences related with excavation. Feel free to call through if you have any questions.

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